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Spring is here! And with it a feeling of hope....

The recent state of emergency was lifted in Tokyo on March 21st, just in time for the arrival of Spring. With the lifting of restrictions I decided it was time to take a break from toiling in the archive (ha!) and head to the hills with my wife to enjoy some nature. We took the train to the very edge of Tokyo where there is a large national park full of mountains and rivers and all sorts of natural wonders to help refresh the spirit (not to mention beautiful old mountain shrines and temples). We were just in time to see the cherry blossoms which were in full bloom. The trip refreshed our spirits and gave us hope that things might actually be moving in the the right direction. I hope you are all doing well and have the chance to refresh your own spirit from time to time. 
One specific thing that I really hope happens soon is that Japan finally re-starts registered shipment to the countries that are still on hold for that service (US, Canada, Australia and a few others). For the few of you who have asked us to hold your package until shipping is possible again let me once again thank you for your ongoing understanding and patience. We will ship your order as soon as Japan starts registered shipment to those affected counties. As mentioned before full refunds are available at any time to anyone who decides that they cannot wait any longer. For refunds or updates on order status please contact us via the contact form on our front page, thank you.
In the good news department registered shipments to almost all parts of Europe are now possible. Yeah!
Stay safe, stay positive!
Tim / Japan Rock Archive

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